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How About This – 27 000 cops ‘can’t shoot’


 27 000 cops ‘can’t shoot’

 Now how the hell are we suppose to feel safe? 27000 useless mother fuckers cant shoot? This has to be saddest day in S.A. Well, i guise not, because our wonderful constitution do not allow the cops to shoot anyway. Full artical below.

Johannesburg – More than 27 000 police officers on active duty have failed firearm proficiency tests, the Sunday Times reported.

This was according to a performance report dated December 14 2011 by the SA Police Service’s internal audit unit, the publication said.

The report said the majority of those who failed the tests were operational officers “who were supposed to carry their official firearms on a daily basis”.

The Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority – which is the body tasked with issuing certificates to officers who pass proficiency tests – said only 3570 certificates were awarded since 2010.

Acting national police chief lieutenant general Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi said it would be unfair to comment on something he had not seen or heard of.

He told the newspaper that not all police officers had undergone firearms training in compliance with the Firearms Control Act.

The report stated that one of the effects of having officers who were “not yet competent” in handling weapons was that “they are placed on operational duties with a firearm they cannot use properly”.

It further found that suspended national police commissioner General Bheki Cele reinstated the contracts of 229 police trainees who failed their exams three times last year.


Author: Anthony

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2 thoughts on “How About This – 27 000 cops ‘can’t shoot’

  1. It must give the criminals a nice, fuzzy, warm feeling of confidence and safety. And the general public one of extreme nervousness.

  2. Yes, but let them know, i know how to shoot, and i will if the need be. To count on our police, is like inviting a snake into your home.

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