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By Kath Brinkman

I am holding your heart in My hands
I am the keeper of your heart
Don’t hide from Me
Don’t hide your pains
You should have no secret pains because I can see all
But if you close the door if you build a wall around your heart
I can’t come in and bring the healing salve that you need
Don’t lock the Doctor out of the hospital
Don’t be afraid to let your emotions show with Me
I will hold you in your pain
It doesn’t all have to make sense to you
Just know that I am God and the keeper of your heart
I will bring no damage to your heart
I will never let go
Yes, I will allow tragedy, hardships, frustrations and hurt
But I will never let go of your heart
I will hold you together even when you feel it is broken beyond repair
When the wounds seem to overtake you
Remember to call on Me
Let deep call to deep
Let Me come and heal
Let Me sit beside you as you weep
I will heal you
I will make you whole
Your trust in Me will grow
Do you think trust grows when you get everything you want?
Do you really see who I am when life is exactly what you wanted?
I just become a forgotten genie in a dusty bottle
I want to be your intimate lover
I want you to be obsessed with being with Me
I want you to hunger, crave for Me because you know that only I have the
Words of life
Only I have the life you need
When you are broken, you’re eyes are opened to Me
Don’t put up the walls
Don’t lock up your heart
Let yourself feel the pain
I will sit with you as you cry
I will hold you
You can rest your head on your Daddy’s shoulder
I won’t ever think your pain is foolish even if man thinks you are
Grieving over nothing
The important thing is to let Me in to let Me do the healing work of the
The Doctor is in.
The Doctor is Always in!


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

5 thoughts on “Heart

  1. Comforting thoughts, indeed. Much what the 23rd Psalm has to say, but that uses less words.

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