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Waterfalls – The Motivation Of Work

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Waterfalls – The Motivation Of Work

SO, here i was on my 4 days of and i had nothing to do. Yes, the grass was long.I did not give a damn.

The roof neaded some paint, i gave a shit. That is why there is people who do these things. Pay them to do it.

So, i desided to take a drive down to a place where i was when i was a very small boy. WaterVal Boven. 

My Father`s father used to live here and we would visit it a lot. The most beautiful part is the waterfall. One has to take a chance to get there because it means going trough an old tunnel that is dark{ one can be mugged or killed or worse…} but that did not stop me, i had to reach the waterfall.

And boy, i was not dissipionted. It looked as it looked so many years back. So trancule, so peacefull. No sound from the out side world. Just the rushing sound of water falling to the ground. Mist spraying against one`s face. It was truely amazing to stand there and watch, i watched the waterfall for a long time. Time whent by and i felt like there was no rush in the world.

But, unfortunatly, the time was not on my side. I had to leave the waterfall behind me and head back to the world i wish i was not born in sometimes.

So, i came across this artical about waterfalls and wish to share it with u all.

Waterfalls – The Motivation Of Work
Water, the liquid that sustains the nature. It will be very difficult for us to find a living being who does not need water. Have you observed water anytime? Yes, I know that you take bath in water, wash yourself with water, drink water many times a day, but what I am asking is- have you observed water? Take a glass of water and look at it carefully. It is transparent. It has no taste. It mixes with most of the materials and it takes every color given to it. That is water. And that is why waterfalls are so charming.

The speed of falling water itself is a great freshener. Why does that make us feel good? Is it the power of the fall, or the great volumes of water that falls non stop? The whole atmosphere feels clean near a waterfall. The small drops of water that cover the whole surroundings are enchanting in themselves and the view is mesmerizing. 

Why do people go and visit waterfalls? How many of us think about that? We visit waterfalls because we love watching them. We get energized watching them. We get a feeling of unknown excitement being near a waterfall. Why? The first reason is that the waterfall is natural. No man made waterfall will ever attract so much attention as the natural one will. We are after all products of nature and carry the genes of forefathers who lived in jungles. Second reason is the sense of purity we feel near a fall. That and the power, the velocity of the fall, copious amount of water going down at every moment.

That takes us away from our worries and attracts us to itself. Come watch me. Look at my power, look at my innocence and look at the non stop motion. I never get tired. I have been going on like this for centuries and will continue like this. From infinity to infinity. That is the message of waterfalls. The waterfalls motivate us to work untiringly. The message they give is simple – work ceaselessly without thinking of any support from anyone. Be on your own and work.

One day the world will come to watch you. Get inspired by the waterfalls next time you see one.


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

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