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The House On The Hill.

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The House On The Hill.

” Do u see that house there on the hill?”


“Yes, why do u ask?”


“Let us go closer to it, and then we trough it with stones”


“Karel, i am not sure, what if…”


” What if what Anthony?”


” What if we get caught Karel?”


“Ag come now, do not be such a whoosh Anthony, it will be fun.”


“Okay, lets go”


And so off we went, to the house on the hill. It was an old abandoned house, no one stayed in it, but it still had all it`s windows in tacked. And that was the main target. To see if we could hit one or more windows from below in the street. I believe some would think why? Why do we want to trough out the windows of that old house? Well, to be honest, at that time it sounded like a lot of fun. But when I think about it now, no, it was not such a bright  idea.


Eventually we came to it, there it stood.  Some plaster had come of here and there and the grass was as tall as I was. It was a good target from where we where standing.


“Okay, said Karel, I will try to take the first hit”


“Sure, I bet u can not even get close to it, i said”


“Well, here goes nothing.”


Karel looked around and found a modest looking peace of rock. With great concentration, and with a big swing, Karel trough that poor stone into the air. With eyes wide with anticipation, we waited to hear a glass brake or something. But nothing,. We did not even hear a thud where the stone might have landed.


“Hahahaha.. I told u Karel, u will not hit it.”


“Listen Anthony, let us see u trying.”


At this point I can add, I had a bit more muscle then Karel  and I felt confident that I will be the one that will strike first. So, off i  went and got hold of a nice round big ass mother of a rock. Karel took one look and I could see the look in his eyes.


“Karel, my friend, take a good look and learn buddy.”


I stepped back a view passes and ran forward, one feet hit the ground and I arched my back as far back as possible. The moment the rock left my hand i knew, I knew that it was going to sound good. It will hit that house on the hill, shattering glass all over.

Silence fell in the valley. No sound, nothing. Just a sun beetle beating about in the mid day heat.


“Wghahahahahah, u missed it Anthony. What was I supposed to learn with that trough?”


“Okay, okay, that was pathetic, I think this calls for a closer investigation as to why we missed the house?”


Karel said yes but he first want to try 2 or 3 times. A went to sit under a thorn bush as the mid day heat was reaching the point of me going to pass out while my friend Karel hurled stone after stone after stone at the poor house on the hill. After some time, Karel decided that it was a fatal attempt and gave up. So there we where, walking up the hill to the old house.


What we encountered struck us both in the gut.  We actually hit the house! Yes, some windows had holes in them, wow!


“Do u see this Karel? We did it?”


“Yes my friend, we did it.”


With  a good feeling of accomplishment we started to wonder back home. What has started as a boring day turned out to be a day of being naughty and of being satisfied that we had did some thing and we did it good.


Unfortunately it did not last long.  After about an hour from getting home there was a nock on the door and a cols shiffer ran up my spine. I knew, I knew the day of reckoning had come. It was the owner of that house on the hill. He was as mad as could be and threatened to kill us if we could not repair the windows. It might sound a bit harsh, but hey, it was his house after all.


Luckily, my friends father got hold of the story and made an offer to the home owner and we worked our asses off for that next month to pay his father back.


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

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