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My Worst Nightmare.


My Worst  Nightmare.

While being on my off days, the work called me out. This happens a lot and is the only reason why i do not go on holydays. I am to afraid they might phone me and i have to say: “sorry, i am not available..”

Some might think i am a workaholic, that might be true. I love my work. If i can work 24/7 i will do it. For I have nothing that keeps me at home.

To get back to my story. So the work called me. On my way to work I decided to stop by our local OK grocer for some thing to eat. While walking past the buffet bar,  my right leg started to wobble and eventually, I ended up on the ground. This was some experience I can not describe. While trying to keep me from falling, it felt like some one was dragging me down, down, down. Until I was lying there on the floor.

My right leg num. I could do nothing with it. And the bad feeling about this was that people tried to help me up but I could not. It was such a helpless feeling. And that frightens me, to be helpless. Eventually they got me up but at this time my right hand where num as well. A hundred things went trough my mind as to what could be going on but the one that scared me the most was a stroke.

I called the work to let them know I will not make it{ first time in my work history} and they arranged for a ambulance to take me to hospital.

So, what is my worst fear? The things that are happening now. Being taken away in an ambulance to a hospital. In my wildest dreams could a have guessed that I will end up in one. To stress my fear even more, I do not have medical aid so I had to go to the local provincial hospital. For those living abroad, u do not want to end up in our provincial hospitals, people die there……..

In the ambulance, they took my blood sugar reading in it was a healthy 2.5….It should have been at least 6.5 . This was to my relieve and I was given a  glucose sachet to drink that would help to boost my blood sugar. On the way to hospital I imagined when I was younger, when an ambulance came rushing by with sirens screaming, we used to say:” here comes fresh meat, here comes fresh meat…” Little did I know I would one day be the fresh meat. Lives a bitch…..

Before reaching the hospital, the live in my right leg and arm slowly started to come back. At this point I would like to say I was relieved. Lying there in the ambulance, they took another blood sugar test and it was at 8.5. Good, really good I thought. But, the hospital was still looming and that was enough to cause my blood pressure to drop. Did not like the prospect of being admitted to one of these ill kept institutions.

Eventually I arrived at the hospital where I was able to walk on my own, and as soon as my friend arrived, I went home. Did not bother to open a file or to wait for a doctor. I was going home, yeah baby….!!!!

The next day I went to see a private doctor. After the examination was done he told me what I feared. I had what they called T.I.A{Transient ischemic attack}

In short, this was a mini-stroke, SHIT! {Sorry Col.} Not what I wanted to hear but the moment it happened I knew that it might have been this.

The doctor sent me to go take some blood samples and he would inform me as to what will be the next step. On Friday I received the call from the doctor and it was bad. My cholesterol levels where high so now I am on medication for the rest of my life. I am now classified as a “pill pikker”


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

28 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare.

  1. That sounds like a real scary experience anthony. Glad you’re ok now, just keep taking the meds.

  2. What a nasty experience, evea. I’m so glad you’re OK now, but it’s not nice to be dependent on medication. Keep taking the tablets, though.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about this. Scary. I also feel bad for you in that you have to be on medication forever. I know how much that sucks.

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