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To My Neighbor.

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I hate it when my neighbor parks on my grass. It is like me parking my car in his garage? Why dose he not stop on his own grass? But i have a big sup price for him. And hear it is:


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

One thought on “To My Neighbor.

  1. Anthony, I know how you feel. I live on a PRIVATE road, which means, each of the six families who live on this road, own that portion of the road in front of their house. There’s a sign at the end of our dead end road that says PVT. People bring their dogs up here and shit on my lawn. Hey – my horses EAT out there. It pissed me off. I’m going to make a massive sign for the end of this road – no one else seems to care, but I do. F off, trespassers. I don’t walk in their yards, why do they have to walk on mine and with their shitty dogs, no less. Yup, time to get out the big guns… 😀

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