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Eerie Wake up.

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Eerie Wake up.

04:50 already? This night went to fast. Felt like i barely slept. Time to go to work but i woke up this morning with a eerie feeling. It was a feeling of hopelessness. A feeling of sadness. A feeling of despair. A feeling of pain and a feeling of hate. I shrugged it off and got up.

In the kitchen i turned on the kettle to make some coffee. No day is a good day without a fresh cup of coffee to wake up with. While the kettle was boiling, i walked into the tv room. In the corner stood the most menacing machine the world has ever seen. As i looked at it, it felt like it could look into my soul and see that i dread climbing on it. It felt like it new i had to get on it for my own good but i did not want to, no,no,no……

This machine made me do things i never thought possible i would ever do in my entire live!So i got on this thing and of i went…sweesh..sweesh….sweesh….sweesh until the kettle stopped boiling. Thank God i thought. But i was on this thing for only 3 minutes, and my tongue was hanging out. The last time i had to exercise was in school.

After making my cup of coffee, i set of for the spare room. In here is my work clothes. While i was busy getting things together, siting out what i will wear. I herd it…Bammm…Thump….Slap….and a man screaming at his wife in the most vulgar language u will ever hear. Yes, i could hear every word because at that time in the morning, every thing is eerie silent.

Here we go again i thought. It has been a while sins this last happened. And normally when this happened, the wife would also get in there and go ape shit on his ass! But this round, no, she was as quiet as a mouse. Not a word came out of her mouth. Not sure if it has been beaten swollen, or what else this man has done. I shiver at the thought.

As we humans tend to be, i had a peak trough my window. I could see on the house because it is was across the street from me. All was quiet out side now, normally it would end up out side the house, in the yard or sometimes in the street. Well, i guess it is over then. I started undressing my self to put on my work clothes when i hear the sound of the gate moving. I froze,  stood still and listened……nothing, just the eerie silence of the morning.

I slowly started moving to the window where i had a look minutes before. Slowly i withdrew the cur tens……………………..BAMMMM!!! There he stood, right there out side my window looking at me! I swear, i never felt so helpless in my life.  Those eyes burning into mine. Nothing was said but i could read in his eyes that he knows i saw it. I saw it all….Now it was my turn.

As fast as i could, i slammed the cur tens closed. Took some deep breaths of air. Man o man, i have done it this time. I have a wife beater on my ass…..Fighting the fear, i had to look again. Slowly i pulled the cur tens back and………nothing, he was gone. Just the eerie silence of the morning.


Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

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