My ramblings of a mad world we live in. And some other helpfull topics will be added from time to time.

I Am Grate In Bed……..


I Am Grate In Bed……..

Yes, yes i know.

I don`t want to blow on my own horn.

I just had to bring it out in the open.

For those who do not believe me, here is the proof.

I told u so……

Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

5 thoughts on “I Am Grate In Bed……..

  1. I’m sure I could do that. If only I had the time to find out…

  2. A far more accurate definition than the one which might have occurred to certain minds. I mean, how much time is spent on sleep in bed as opposed to … other activities? In many cases, nine hours versus two minutes? 🙂

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