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Broken Heart Survival Guide Get back up stronger and start a new life



It is time to let go when your partner wants to end the relationship with you, and he/she insists on never coming back to you again. It is pointless to go after your soon to be ex – after all, if you love him/her, you would wish him/her happiness, right? Get all the info you need here.

I am no expert in this field and this is just my opinion on how i dealt with brake ups in the past and i hope this article~s i will post from time to time will help some one out there, that might be in a relationship where thing are not going to plan.

Chapter 1:

These are some ways to help you accept the reality of breaking up, thus becoming more confident in yourself and successfully picking yourself up.

-Avoid negative thoughts. Do not let the negative emotions or feelings take charge of your well-being. Being negative would not turn the situation around, but having positive thoughts would help you feel better, and recover from the heartbreak easily.

-Throw away the memories. Throw away stuff that would remind you of your ex – the couples’ T-shirt, the pillow that he gave you, the watch she bought you on Valentine’s Day, etc. You should start looking forward in life as this will help to recover faster and to get ready for the next relationship.

-Do something that you usually will not try. Challenge yourself to climb mountains or swim across the ocean. Achieving something new in your life will give you contentment, and make you realize that the breakup is not a big deal.
Release your feelings healthily.

-Take up gym sessions or get into an exercise routine. Writing it out, if you find it hard not to think of the breakup may help to put things into perspective. These actions may help you to feel better and allow you to have a clearer understanding about the breakup.

Think of the flaws of your ex. If you still cannot get over the breakup, think of all the bad things about your ex – do not remind
yourself again that he/she is the kind and loving one, a good sex partner, an understanding one….




Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

8 thoughts on “Broken Heart Survival Guide Get back up stronger and start a new life

  1. It is particularly hard for the person who still has the same feelings for the other partner, but where they have lost interest/fallen for another. As you say in effect, moving on is the name of the game.

  2. What you say is true. But hard.

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