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Broken Heart Survival Guide- Get back up stronger and start a new life{Continues}


So,to continue with my Broken Heart Survival Guide, here comes chapter 3.

Chapter 3:
Stop the blaming & forget the past

To survive a breakup, you must be generous and try to forget the past. Why would you want the negative emotions to continue with no end in sight and stuck in your mind, affecting you in your everyday life functions? If you still have feelings towards your ex, forgive him/her totally; forgiveness is the greatest love act of all.

Have A Look
Do not blame anyone for everything. A breakup occurs when there are problems caused by both parties. Stop the thoughts that your ex is the one with all faults. Do not blame yourself for what you have done either and keep from regretting things.
Do not question yourself, neither what you should have actually done at that time. The relationship is over now, so why continue to figure out what to do to curb the problems, especially if there is no chance to reconcile. At this moment, you should focus on how to get rid of the heartbreak and not sticking with it.
Do not let yourself look backwards. Stop reminding yourself about the failures in the relationship, including checking back all the text messages and emails from your ex in the past. Do not allow all this to be the stumbling block that blocks you from thinking for yourself.
Remember the good, ditch the bad. Remember the good memories that both of you shared together; but avoid reflecting back the bad times and pressures, as this will make you feel less confident to start a new relationship.
Focus on the future. Whatever you experienced in this relationship, take it as experiences that brings you to a whole new level of examining yourself and moving towards a better future. It is never a good thing to reflect on all the problems faced in the relationship, but when you do, make sure you know how to find ways to improve yourself for the better.




Author: Anthony

I am currently staying in sunny South-Africa. I love to be out and about and my favorite pass time is bass fishing and drag racing. From time to time i will play p.c games, but not to much.

9 thoughts on “Broken Heart Survival Guide- Get back up stronger and start a new life{Continues}

  1. Sound advice.
    Does a future chapter deal with matters pertaining to the kids?

    • I will have to look into that, as my previous experiences with brake ups had no child or children involved, luckily. I feel strongly against parents braking up for just the sake of braking up, what about the kid or kids?

      • In any breakup, the kids are a vital consideration if there are any. Often more harm than good is done by ‘holding it together’ for the sake of the kids. However, after the breakup, it is unforgiveable for parents to play the kids one against the other, as so often happens.

      • So true, and i have personally seen this happen, it is not good for the child in the long run.

  2. Sometimes, it actually is all one person’s fault.
    And don’t forget the bad – it may help to avoid it in the next relationship.
    Or prevent a return to the first one.

    • I don`t agree. There is always two sides of a story. But to avoid the bad, yes, there i agree. Learn from your experience and move on. Do not let it happen again.

  3. I like your positive approach, Anthony.

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