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Broken Heart Survival Guide- Get back up stronger and start a new life{Continues}


exChapter 4:
Stay away from your ex

This is the best way to get rid of having clingy feelings or emotion dependency towards your ex – stay away from your ex. Try to avoid staying in touch, as it will create chances for both of you to rekindle the flame. Do not worry about how you will survive the breakup.
Here are some tips on how to stay away from your ex.:

Staying Away
Just stick with it. It will be hard at first not to keep in touch with your ex, but it will get easier eventually. Be discipline in reminding yourself not to fall into the trap of wanting to get back together and have faith in you.

Politely ignore all your ex’s attempts to contact you. Your ex may feel bad for breaking up with you, or remain concerned about you and still care. Try to reject or avoid these contacts by telling him/her that you need some time alone.
Avoid face-to-face contact with your ex. Try to avoid meeting your ex as much as possible. Do not go and look for your ex, or allow any chances for him/her to meet with you. Besides this, you should also consider avoiding his/her close friends and relatives.
Go with your plans. To stay away from your ex, you should make your own plans to distract yourself from meeting your ex. People around may give you lots of advice, but it is best to stick with your own plans, unless you are able to make the best choices out of the advices given.
Do not listen to rumors. People spread rumors just to make you feel upset or it is sometimes done unintentionally. Do not get caught up with those negative comments; move away or excuse yourself from listening to them.

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