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Broken Heart Survival Guide Get back up stronger and start a new life{Continues}

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Chapter 5:
Start a break up diary


I just thought i would continue with my Survival Guide as like i stated in the first published post, that i hope it will be of some value to some one out there who is going trough or have been trough a brake up. So, here is chapter 5 in my Survival Guide.

To help you feel better after the breakup, it is always better to put things in writing. To start a breakup diary is simple; prepare a notebook and a pen. However, the choice of how to make it personal is up to you. A breakup diary can come in many forms, either being a journal, scrapbook or a memoir – choose the best that can help you to survive your breakup.

A Diary
When you write in bad or stressful moments, you will usually end up feeling better. Writing out what you most probably would keep to yourself will help you to vent out your anger, grievance, unhappiness, etc.
You will gain more control of your life. At night before sleeping, write down what had happened in the day or any events in your life. This enables you to reflect back, on what you have done, and allows you to correct your mistakes if you have any.

It clears your mind. You put creativity in writing about your life events, such as word choice, the format (poems, dialog, plain text, etc), or you could use drawings rather than writing. These actions allow your thoughts to be on creative ideas, rather than putting yourself in pain and stress.
It improves your mental health. Write about your stressful moments or emotional events. Therefore, having a breakup diary would help in healing and recovery from a bad breakup.

You should consider the daily entries to be included in your breakup diary format. Try to develop a habit of writing daily. However, it is okay if you miss out any day – just move on with your current day’s events. Do remember to keep this diary personal and private, so that you can release your thoughts freely.

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