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If I Ruled the World-The Daily Post.

If I Ruled the World

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

Well, i would like to be this:

flying squirrel

A flying squirrel. Yes people, a flying squirrel. For i will be living my life from one tree to anther. For those view seconds in the air or less, i will be free…..



The Dance Of Life.

The Dance Of Life.

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Waking up as a little boy the excitement for the day’s adventure pumped through my veins and lit up my eyes. I’d look out the window at the bright sunshine, the hay fields, and the expansive blue skies and magical clouds. Once out in the freedom of the day, with no responsibilities, I’d hop, skip, jump, and run with joy, wonder, and excitement. Somewhere along the way, I began to remember and learned about cause and effect. Suddenly some limitations came into existence. Continuing to grow and mature, I learned to reason and apply my own critical thinking to situations that may or may not happen. I was creating a new reality within the context of my mind and my past experiences. The horror!

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3 Simple Tips To Live A More Abundant Life.

3 Simple Tips To Live A More Abundant Life


People will think that being able to live an abundant life is something that only the “special” people can have.

However, anyone can live abundantly, just as long as you know what you are doing in life. Though life may not be at an ultimate high, this does not mean that you cannot be happy.

In order to live abundantly, you will need to start focusing more on yourself and enjoying your happiness.

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I love u.

“I love u.”

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These three words have such a big meaning but my question is this: Will one truly be able to express these words? Will one truly be able to live out these words in a live time? There are so many emotions coupled to these three words and yet one get`s people who throws it around like a used rag doll.

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