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Quit Smoking Today.

Quit Smoking Today.





Why You Have To Quit Smoking?

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According to a motivational speaker I listen to sometimes, it’s almost impossible to achieve
anything worthy in this life without having enough reason for having such a dream. Same thing
apply to smoke quitting. Before you can be able to gain enough courage and confidence needed
to stop smoking you really need to have enough reason for doing so.
If you are asked today – why did you want to quit smoking? What will you say? Probably you’ve
not really stop to think of it yourself. You are probably living other peoples dream or trying to
satisfying somebody by stop smoking. Hey! It doesn’t have to be that way. You may find it
difficult to quit smoking completely without having enough genuine reasons to stop this habit
you’ve been living with for long.
There is not way you will smoke without polluting air in your immediate environment. Lot’s of
people hate this smoke because it’s irritating. This type of people will never want to stay close to
you if they know you are a smoker. You may end up losing good friends, clients/customers if
you are into your own business or find it difficult to get job. So if you will like to enjoy keeping
good friend around you, get more dates, get better job or avoid offending your new clients, you
have good reason to stop smoking today.
Having good health should be one of main reason why you should quit smoking. If you smoke
you are really playing with your health. The damage that the smoke from each cigarette is doing
to your immune system can never be compare to brief immediate satisfaction you get. So if you
really want to feel and stay healthy you really have to stop smoking. You will end up spending
fortune in buying medicine, and, paying hospital bills.

3 thoughts on “Quit Smoking Today.

  1. my husband, I’ve been on his case, I smoke vary rarely,but I will pick it up, when I am around it. I went to the Medical Library and looked and looked at smoker’s lungs in my twenties. That did it for me. I just pull up those images and stop.

  2. Good post and a reminder. Thank heavens I gave up smoking years ago!

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