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Defeat Depression! Ways to cope with depression and melancholic tendencies.(Chapter.2)

Chapter 2:
Wellness Checklist

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A wellness checklist ought to handle the needs of mind, body, and soul by rendering honest daily goals. It’s meant to encourage you as you battle depression, not drown you, so keep it easy.

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Defeat Depression! Ways to cope with depression and melancholic tendencies.(Foreward)

Defeat Depression! Ways to cope with depression and melancholic tendencies.

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Hallo one and all. I am back. This is the first of a series in articals on how to Defeat Depression. I am no expert in this and please read the legal notice before reading. I am just spreading some info i got regarding this subject and i hope it will be of some help to people out there who might suffer from Depression.

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The Ties That Bind Us Together.


The Ties That Bind Us Together


This article talks about how a healthy family should be. It discusses certain family problems that can lead to a state of depression for a family member or the entire family. Depression can lead to more serious matters, so open communication within the family is important. Family counseling is crucial for families that needs outside opinion and help. Continue reading




So, not to long ago, about 08:49 30/04/2012 to be precise, i was hit over the fingers for not writing my one stuff. Some times one get to a point where there is nothing to write about, they call it writers block. But, due to this persone attacking me for not doing so, well, here it is. Something of my own.  Continue reading

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Always Tired, fatigued, Anxiety filled? Maybe you need a Depression Test.

Always Tired, fatigued, Anxiety filled?  Maybe you need a Depression Test.


While feeling a bit depressed of late, i thought of sharing this artical to help every one out there who might feel depressed or might think they have depression.

Depression has become one of the most widely increased diagnosed disorders in this country over the past few years. Things like the falling economy causing a decrease in personal finances, in addition to life’s daily stresses and worries have caused many Americans to become depressed. Continue reading

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The Seven Day Life-Changing Happiness Challenge!

The Seven Day Life-Changing Happiness Challenge!

Article Body:

You are about to discover a simple technique for creating massive changes in your quality of life.

Do you want to be happier? This technique can help.

Do you want more time to spend with your family or friends, or even just time to relax by yourself? Then this seven day challenge is perfect for you.

And best of all, it’s really easy to do. Continue reading

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Give A Smile-Get A Smile

Give A Smile-Get A Smile

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In today’s world of technology we do not have ample opportunity to get personal. Life is fast-paced and everyone seems to be in a rush. We dial the phone and we talk to machines. We spend long hours on the computer playing games, emailing one another or working with our web pages. Even in the office environment, we email the person in the cubicle 3 feet away instead of walking over to hand them a task list. Continue reading