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Esoteric Theory of Everything.

Esoteric Theory of Everything.


For many decades, scientists have been trying to devise a single unified theory to explain
all known physical phenomena, but a model that appears to unite the seemingly
incompatible String Theory and Standard Model has existed for 100 years. It described
baryons, mesons, quarks and preons over 50 years before conventional science. It stated
that matter is composed of strings 80 years before string theory. It described the existence
of anti-matter 30 years before conventional science. It described the Higgs field over 50
years before Peter Higgs. It described the existence of isotopes 5 years before
conventional science. Could this be the beginning of a Theory of Everything – the holy
grail of modern physics?

3 thoughts on “Esoteric Theory of Everything.

  1. You’re way over my head, Anthony? An excellent question, I have not the capacity to answer!

  2. er no. Dr Higgs and his apparent followers are on the wrong track. I don’t think the string-theory is correct and I beleive the collider will just provide a surprise. What someone intelligent enough needs to explore is how sound, vibration and frequency are the key to holding solids in place and also changes their shapes! If frequency affects molecules then it stands to reason that if the frequency is changed so is the perceived view of the solid item, being, thing. Equally, simple audible words put together in a grammar (original etymology meaning to cast a spell), then that may affect different matter. Consider: we live in a world of electricity, noise of all kinds and equipment that uses magnetism/electromagnitsm and therefore unless we abandon all this and cell phones we will be so affected. Also, I believe earth hums at a frequency. This could be true of all habitable planets and which is why aliens look so different to us humans. That is a “Natalie-Theory” I am currently investigating. Nice question!

  3. as an afterthought – I am hoping the surprise will be good! hahahahaha!

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